John Paul 2 High - a new Catholic teen fiction series
"a fascinating new series created by a team of young Catholic authors."
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What People Are Saying

"Hi Team! I love your books sooooo much!! They really have helped me understand more about my faith questions. In the past, I have been homeschooled for 8 years. This year, though, I started going to a public highschoool. Your books are a once in a while faith wakeup for me when I'm feeling like the only one in school who practices a faith. THANK YOU!!!!!! and I can't wait for the next book to come out!
-a JP2HIGH book lover!!!
PS- When is the next book coming out??"

"I work at a program for troubled teens and it is really hard to find good books for them to read but they were really happy when I brought "Catholic Reluctantly" in for them (I couldn't believe they actually read a whole book, especially one with a good message.)...Thanks, God bless." Kathy

"Christian M. Frank has
done a great job with
this one! The story is
engaging and interesting
and leaves you wanting

"... these are
real kids with real issues,
and their characters are
explored in way that is
uplifting and inspiring."

"It's refreshing to see
realistic teen dialogue
that isn't weighed down
with doctrine, but that
can impart a Catholic
perspective on everyday
Amazon 5-star review

"My 15 year old son
DEVOURED this book
in a day and was thrilled
with it. He, too, is looking
forward to the next books
in the series."
An Amazon reader

Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Book 4 is OUT!

We use Catholic, Reluctantly in our confirmation classes, and the young people really seem to like it, because it's more than just dry doctrine: it's an engaging story that holds their interest. Based on our teachers' evaluation I would recommend this series. 

Fr. John Medwid
St. Mary's Church
Amsterdam, NY

I especially enjoyed John Paul 2 High Book 4: Undercover Papist because of the debates between Protestant beliefs and Catholic beliefs. I would think of things that I would say if Protestants asked me about my beliefs. Well, in my homeschool group we have both Protestants and Catholics and my tutor is Protestant. One day she started talking about the differences between what Protestants believe and what Catholics believe, but she wasn't stating Catholic beliefs accurately. I remembered a lot of what was said in the John Paul 2 High books so I was able to use that to explain Catholic beliefs. It was neat how we could do that and still be friends.

Marygrace S., age 13


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