JYshengbao Aluminum  Plastic package Co., Ltd.was established in 1999, is a joint-stock Co., Ltd.. The company factory area of ​​5,000 square meters, able to complete stamping, oxidation, injection molding, hot stamping, ancillary products to provide fully automatic screen printing, UV, ink printing, ultrasonic welding, vacuum coating, painting, matte surface treatment and other production process.


JYshengbao Aluminum  Plastic package Co., Ltd. is located in San leopard plastic flowers in the breadbasket of southern town of Qingyang, as a comprehensive package of new diversified enterprises, the company introduced advanced equipment and strong technical force, strict management system, the company strictly in accordance with specifications CMP action, active implementation of ISO9002 quality system and continuously General scientific management, the use of new materials, new technology, developing new varieties, the establishment of a sound management system. So that the products are sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, praised by Chinese and foreign investors.

● Business is: the market needs, the user's requirements is our goal!

● Enterprise beliefs: integrity, innovation, quality, service!

● Entrepreneurs commitment: Best service,Best products to be provided for customers!

Corner of the factory gate Punch Workshop
Plastic plant
Mould workshop Oxidation Workshop

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JYshengbao Aluminum Plastic package Co., Ltd.

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